Karen Holden is a poet, painter, book artist and educator. Her work grows out of an adventurous life. She apprenticed in letterpress printing and bookbinding in Europe and worked in downtown Los Angeles as a fine art edition silkscreen printer. She spent years in rural Northern California designing and building a large-scale garden and traveled between Arizona and Wisconsin as a member of the Taliesin residential community. During her time at Taliesin she served on the faculty of The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, where her curriculums integrated writing, literature and design. She continues to teach creative and persuasive writing at colleges, museums, conferences and social institutions.

Her artist’s book Behind My Own Disguise was exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art; she has also had several one-woman painting exhibitions. She often writes around a theme: Book of Changes is a volume of poems based on the ancient Chinese text I Ching and This Music is a manuscript of poems written in response to music. Karen recently completed a limited edition artist’s book of poetry and prose entitled How Love Comes Home: Los Angeles in Four Voices. She is working on a manuscript—Book of Knowledge—inspired by The Red Book of C.G. Jung and earns her keep as an advancement writer in higher education.